How to Reduce Heat Loss through Your Home’s Windows

It is a fact that heat can escape through windows, especially when all other exit points, such as floors, ceilings, and walls, are well-insulated. But with the application of double glazing Auckland service providers offer, windows can contribute to energy efficiency.

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According to the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), New Zealand uses about 2% more energy every year and one solution to save about 20% of the energy demand is to rely more on renewable resources.

EECA estimates that, by 2035, energy efficiency in businesses, households, and transport can be achieved through energy efficiency and fuel substitution measures.

How can households help?

Through more efficient lighting, space heating, and water heating, homes can reduce energy use by around 20%.

Time to do your share.

Because when you do, you pay less on energy costs and protect the environment at the same time. A well-insulated home also means it is warmer and healthier for the people living in it.

You have to admit it is one goal where the benefits just keep on coming, especially in your pocket.

How do you minimise heat loss through windows?

Auckland double glazing is just one solution available to you. You can even take the route of DIY window insulation if you’re so inclined.

Whichever option you choose the goal is the same—energy efficiency.

Double Glazing

Double glazed windows lower heat loss by half and improve thermal comfort in your home. They also reduce external noise and condensation build-up when the weather is cold. Click here MagicSeal

Through double glazing in Auckland, an insulating gas layer is created between two panes of glass. It allows a lot of sunlight in and holds in heat, which is essential during winter.

To find double glazing Auckland that is high performing, choose one that meets the following criteria:

  • Frames made of a thermal break or insulating materials
  • Uses low-emissivity glass
  • Has multiple layers of good seals
  • Inert gas filling
  • Plastic or stainless steel spacers

Low-E Window Film

Increase the energy efficiency of your windows’ normal glass by layering over it a thin polyester film with micro-thin and transparent metal coating. You don’t need to replace existing windows, unlike double glazing Auckland offers.

The film reflects radiant heat and reduces the amount of energy needed to cool or heat your home. Low-E window films can be fitted inside single-glazed windows and normal glass windows.

Aside from reducing heat loss through your home’s windows, the film also reduces the amount of the sun’s heat and UV light that can cause fading of furnishings, the amount of free heat during winter, and overheating.

Retrofit Alternatives

Existing single glass windows can be upgraded to new to double glazed units in various ways. For instance, install a new double glazed glass unit into existing sash. Another option would be to replace existing sashes with double glazed ones.

You also have the option to magnetically attach acrylic sheets to existing window frames or sash.

These options do not work for every glazing situation. Make sure to consult with a professional before you purchase anything.

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