Things to be Aware of Before Deciding a Breast Implant Surgery

In 2014, about 300,000 women underwent surgeries to enlarge their breasts either with silicone or saline implants. Over 100,000 women afflicted with breast cancer had undergone reconstruction of breasts after mastectomy, which was often accompanied by implants. So it can be concluded that the number of breast augmentation surgeries has almost tripled from 1997, when there were only about 101,000 cases of breast implant processes. Over 23,000 implant removal surgeries were reported back in 2014. But, in spite of these statistics, it is quite surprising that women are often found perplexed with the conflicting ideas and information they get to know from various sources. So to help such women decide about the breast implants Brisbane surgeons conduct, here are a few tips that may be helpful.

The first breast implant may not be the last one

It is reported that about 25% of women would need more breast implants Brisbane professionals conduct after ten years of their first surgery since a breast implant is not likely to stay forever. It may start to leak with the passage of time or may begin developing a skin which is called ‘scar shell’ around the implanted breasts. It warps the shape and paves the way for new implants. Also, pregnancy, weight loss and alterations in preferences are other factors that may lead a woman to have another surgery after some years.

You may have to take a week off for the surgery

Normally, a patient who has undergone a breast augmentation or reduction shall have to take a week off from work.  After seven days, you are likely to feel comfortable to head towards your office in case your work doesn’t involve manual labour. If you have opted for the breast implants Brisbane doctors conduct behind the muscles in place of on top surgery, then you would need longer time to recover. Many women go for this kind of breast implant surgery because it proffers a more realistic look and reduces chances of scar shell development around the breasts.

Implanted breasts feel different from real breasts

With modern technologies, silicone breasts would feel different from the touch of the real breast tissues, although it is impossible to discern visible differences. Women who began with little breast tissues are more prone to be noticed than those who began with larger mass of tissue. If you opt for a breast implant in Brisbane placed below the muscle, it will be nearly impossible to detect any difference. So before you opt for an implantation, you can wear neoprene sack stuffed inners to determine the desired size.

It is important to set realistic goals

If you are willing to opt for Brisbane breast implants, you should not hope to jump from a very small size to an enlarged size at once. It is important to talk to a certified cosmetic surgeon who can aid you in setting realistic goals. You must allow enough time to your tissues and skin to cope with the sudden changes. Therefore, a surgeon shall suggest you to go up size by size at first and then increase the implant size for desired results.

If you wish to undergo the best breast implants in Brisbane, you should first talk to an experienced and certified cosmetic surgeon who shall assess you thoroughly, evaluate your family history and tell you about any risks or complications that may arise afterwards, before performing the surgery.