Why Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer Can Be Your Best Move

One of the most important things to be aware of regarding this subject is that accidents involving commercial trucks will have different matters of contention as compared to dealing with car accidents. That is why hiring a truck accident lawyer is the recommended option for people who have been involved in an accident with a commercial truck.

How is a truck accident different than an auto accident?

There are several factors that need to be taken into account when a commercial truck is involved; it’s not the same as having your injury attorney file a claim for an auto accident. We explain it below:

  • Commercial trucks operate under a different set of policies and regulations than normal passenger vehicles. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Dept. of Transportation requires trucking companies, as well as their drivers, to register with them due to the nature of their business, which involves transporting cargo across state lines. The licenses, qualifications, and regulations regarding commercial trucking make it a more complicated task that needs a specialized truck accident lawyer to handle.
  • Any accident claim lawyer will tell you that the hospital and medical bills arising from a truck accident will typically be much higher than what would normally be incurred from an auto accident. When a truck weighing close to 90,000 lbs is involved in a “fender bender” with an ordinary passenger car, the results can be tragically devastating. Life-changing injuries are very real and can occur more often when a truck is involved. Click here Scholle Law
  • As with personal injuries, the property damage that can result from a truck accident will typically be more significant than if a car was involved. The weight of a fully-loaded truck, even if it’s only running at cruising speed, is often enough to wreak formidable damage to anything that crosses its path.
  • Because truck accidents can often result in significantly worse damages to property and people, commercial trucks need to carry much higher insurance policies as well. A typical insurance policy for a commercial truck will be worth around twenty to fifty times as much as a passenger car.

So why is hiring a truck accident lawyer your best move?

Here’s a typical scenario that can best explain how accident lawyers can help you, especially one who is experienced in handling cases regarding truck accidents:

Imagine for instance that you get involved in an accident on the highway with a commercial truck. Your car gets seriously damaged, and the three passengers in your car incur multiple injuries (whiplash, broken bones, back injuries, etc.).

The trucking company who owns the truck and employs the driver is holding close to a million dollars’ worth of insurance on a truck alone, or even more. What would happen is that they will get the best insurance adjusters they have to handle the case. You can expect a lot of complicated (and even underhanded) moves just so the trucking company can avoid or reduce liability. If successful, they can even outrightly deny your claim.

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